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Were you ready for the start of the HCFC R-22 phase-out?  On January 1, 2010, the production and import of the HCFC refrigerant R-22 ceased (unless for use in equipment manufactured prior to that date).  Until 2020, R-22 will only be manufactured and imported in amounts deemed sufficient to service existing equipment.


Bob Swilik, of the Carrier Corp, commented that Carrier has been using Puron (R-410A) for 14 years.  About 80 to 90% of our business in 2009 was already in R-410A.  He heard of contractor concerns only in cases where contractors were trying to use components that were already in place, such as linesets that are in a wall and can't be replaced.  Or, maybe they changed out a coil a year or two ago in an R-22 system and would like to continue using that coil with an R-410A system.


Carig Thomas: "Economic conditions could be a backdrop to the entire scenario.  There's been an economic effect on many aspects of the industry.  Air conditioning system sales in 2009 were down by 20%.  The bottom line is that R-22 supply will be reduced in 2010 by the Envioronmental Protection Agency  (EPA).  R-22 demand has been reduced by conditions in the economy.


We have a few 13 S.E.E.R., R-22 units left but they are rapidly depleting. The Montreal Protocol of 1994 required the reduction and then final elimination of all R-22 products. The new refrigerant R-410a is the replacement.  It is more efficent and also has a near 0% ozone depletion factors as required by the government.  Please ask if there are any available R-22 units if you are trying to save money.


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