Green Technology

Our company is moving more and more toward green products.

We have been experimenting at our shop looking for ways to save power.  We have discovered several different things  that are very simple to do...


1. Read you meter at the same time (or close to the same time) each day to establish a "base line " daily rate.

2. Record what has been operating the last 24 hours the best you can.  The furnace or heatpump, lights, water heater (if electric), the A/C unit, etc.

3. Subtract the current day reading from the previous day to get you net kilowatt hours per day.

4. The biggest drain is usually the electric furnace or heat pump and the electric water heater.

We can make calculations for you by using hour meters to determine the power draw of you equipment.  A tune up on you equipment is important part of keeping the power usage within limits.

Here at our shop we have saved about 70 kilowatt hours a day by simply "tuning" the heat pump up and we haven't even used our super insulating method for the unit and duct work.

This isn't as expensive as you might think. Let us give your system an evaluation to see how much energy we can say you.


Some of our many products that we sell are:

  • Biodegradeable filters
  • 4" high efficiency, low change-out filter (change approximately once a year)

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